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Data Analysis and Reporting in PRIMERA

Daily and Periodical

  • Portfolio preview per instrument
  • Portfolio preview per portfolio type
  • Preview of transactions (per partner or for all transactions)
  • Entry of Limits per Instrument and Portfolio Type, automatic warnings when limits are exceeded
  • Overview of non-reconciliated liabilities and receivables
  • Overview of Transaction Fees
  • Specification and Management of Various Fees
  • Historical Data for prices, exchange rates, portfolio
  • Preview of Unit Holders and Transactions with Units

Regulatory Reports

  • Mutual and Pension Funds, Custodian Banks
  • Reports for Bank Treasury (loading of data into main accounting system)
  • Reports for Enterprise Treasury (loading of data into main accounting system)

Custodian Reports

  • Structure of Assets and Liabilities
  • Unit Balance and Turnover
  • Fund Asset Evaluation and NAV calculation

Client (Unit Holder) Reports

  • Purchase Confirmation
  • Sale Confirmation
  • Balance of Units

Finances and Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Account Card
  • Voucher
  • Balance per Account
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss)
  • Specific Regulatory Reports
  • Non-realized Profit/Loss per Instrument
  • Realized Profit/Loss per Transaction
  • Unit Balance and Turnover per Period
  • Investment Structure and Limits
  • Transactions with Related Subjects
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